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How Fast Food Giants Use Loopholes to Avoid Taxes

The fast food industry is known for handling out petty paychecks to the burger flippers and hefty ones to the CEO. What most people do not know is that the taxpayer subsidises such industries income from both ends.

Take, for instance, Yum Brands, which run Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell chains. The wages for the entire corporation 380,000 workers is low forcing most of them to turn to taxpayers funded anti-poverty programs to survive. The government estimates that Yum Brands employees use up to $650 in medical and other public assistance per year. Continue reading

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IBM’s Watson Is Now A Cooking App With Infinite Recipes – Co.Design

We’ve watched as IBM’s Watson has transformed from the trivia king of Jeopardy to a creative mind, capable of crafting new recipes like a tasty BBQ sauce. In that time, the supercomputer has also shrunk from a collection of servers the size of a room to a lean piece of software living on hardware the size of a few pizza boxes. Now, in conjunction with Bon Appétit, IBM is giving you a recipe app called Chef Watson, a cloud portal through which you can hijack Watson as your own personal chef. Continue reading

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10 Comfort Food Recipes to Help Keep You Warm This Winter

Snow is beautiful, but the cold, so cold that your car knob is frozen solid and you cannot bear to stay outside for long makes thing gloomy.However, that is the best time to stay indoors and cook. A bowl of healthy food will help one battle the bleakness of winter. So which are the best winter recipes to help one keep warm? Here are ten suggestions cutting across soup, rice, stew, etc. Continue reading